Junk Boat Rental Hong Kong

Hong Kong junk trips are the #1 rated recreational activity. We have a huge selection of 30 different traditional junk boats and if you want the something different then try Jungle Jane or Tarzan for the ultimate hk junk boat. Our hk junk boat options include Hong Kong Island junks or Sai Kung junks for your perfect junk boat party. Rent a boat or choose a junk package. What are you waiting for? Get your junk boat Hong Kong party started!


Hong Kong Island Junks

These Hong Kong Island junks pick up on Hong Kong Island (Central, Causeway Bay, Aberdeen & sometimes TST) and will go to destinations on Hong Kong Island, Lamma Island and Clearwater Bay. 

Accolade - junk with slide
Accolade  55 capacity
Blue Steel_edited.jpg
Blue Steele 50 capacity
JUNGLE JANE 45 capacity
Jungle Jane junk trip with inflatables
Unity 40 person junk boat hk yachting.jp
Unity 40 capacity
Koanui 43 capacity
Swanko 30-person Hong Kong junk
Swanko 35 capacity
Parker 33 capacity
Dragon 30-person Hong Kong Junk
Dragon 30 capacity
Tarzan junk trip with inflatables
TARZAN 55 capacity
Josephine 55 Person Sai Kung Cruiser.jpg
Tusca 45 capacity
Pearl 45 Person Hong Kong Junk Boat.jpg
Pearl 45 capacity
Fiesta 40 persons Hong Kong junk
Fiesta 40 capacity
Blue Water junk hky.jpg
Blue Water 35 capacity
Carter 35 capacity
Swanko 30-person Hong Kong junk
Shantel 33 capacity
Magnificent close up.jpg
Magnificent 24 capacity

Sai Kung Junks

Sai Kung junks may be further to travel to get onto them but most of them come with inflatable toys and speedboats with wakeboarding and banana boating so you get the added extra's to make up for it. The waters and beaches are more pristine in the Sai Kung area for junk boat trips.

Calm Waters Sai Kung Junk.jpg
Calm Waters 55 capacity
Black Swan 48-person Sai Kung Junk with Slide
Black Swan 48 capacity
Symphony - 45-person Sai Kung junk
Symphony 45 capacity
Bravo 45 capacity
Ruby - 40-person Sai Kung junk
Ruby 40 capacity
Bay Seaker Sai Kung junk.jpg
Bay Seeker 40 capacity
Sai kung  junk Hong Kong hky exterior.jp
Sai Kung Junk 38 capacity
Sai Kung junk Apollo.jpg
Apollo 30 capacity



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